2020/09/15 04:49
iOS版の公開を開始し、iOS14ベータ版を利用のエージェントにもアプストア上でバージョン2.55.1の更新が間もなく表示される。iOS14.0 (18A5373a) でイングレスがアプリ起動時に機能停止することはなくなっているが、これは最新のベータ 8 でなければならない。


2020/09/15 04:49(Forum)
Ingress 2.55.1 Release Notes
We've started the iOS release so Agents on iOS 14 beta should see the update for 2.55.1 on App Store shortly. Ingress should no longer crash on app start with iOS 14.0 (18A5373a), which should be the latest available beta 8 release.

We've been working to address the COMM issues but, as you're aware, our speculative fixes haven't resolved this. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on this issue.

2020/09/16 05:16(Forum)
iOS 14 Compatibility
Hi folks,

Ingress 2.55 is supported on iOS 14. If you haven't already, please visit the App Store and update to the latest version of Ingress prior to updating to iOS 14

You may need to allow Precise Location access via iOS Settings > Ingress > Location.