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第二部:残すはライブドロップ・テッセラが2枚とグローバルテッセラが1枚、ターゲット・テッセラが1枚、そしてプライム・アーティファクトのテッセラだ。配置の推察は [] から受け付けるよ。





  1. フォーラム上にはプライム・アーティファクトごとに計12スレッドが用意される。
  2. 推察の時期が到来すると、ヤヌス・ラボラトリウムへのリンクが12スレッドの全てで更新される。
  3. そのリンクをクリックすると、研究員のサムネイル写真が12のパスワード付きページへつながっている。
  4. それぞれのページにはプライム・アーティファクトに関わる設問と情報の断片とがある。設問の正答は情報を読み解くことで得られるだろう。パスワード付きのページごとにヒントと暗号文字列が用意されているが、入室するにはバックパターンとヒントとを活用しなければならない。
  5. 暗号文字列を復号させることで、陣営がまだ得ていないバックパターンを取得できる。設問の回答はパズルを解くことで見つけ出した情報にもとづくものとなるはずだ。正答とともに投稿された推察のみが審査対象となる。
  6. 設問へ正しく回答し、正しい推察を行った陣営ごとの第1発見者がトラッカーとなる。
  7. 設問の正しい回答と正しい配置を行った最初のエージェントは、そのテッセラで所属陣営へ2ポイントを獲得する。
  8. ネメシスは配置に失敗したプライム・アーティファクトごとに2ポイントを獲得する。
  9. 推察を終えれば、テッセレーションボードの完遂に加えてプライム・アーティファクト方程式の手順も発覚することとなる。


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2020/07/09 17:18(Forum)
TESSERAE Round 13: Verification Time
Truthseekers: The will be 2 parts to the verification and Placement Prediction for Round 13.

  • Part 1. Tesserae from the start of Round 13 up to Tessera Wendy. Excluding the Prime Artifacts. Your time for submitting Placement Prediction will be @ July 11 0600 UTC

  • Virtual Live Drop Event - Tessera Copperplate & Tessera Roland Jarvis

  • The last Global Redeem Tessera & Target Redeem Tessera

  • Part 2. The remaining 2 Live Drop Tesserae, 1 Global Tessera, 1 Target Tesserae, and the Prime Artifacts Tesserae. Your time for submitting Placement Prediction will be @ - - - UTC

Same as previous Rounds, there will be a small pop quiz to be answered for the Global, Target redeem Tesserae, and Prime Artifact Tesserae. Please quote the verifications made by me, and include your answer to the quiz, your Faction, and Prediction in your comment. Only comments that answered the quiz correctly will be considered valid.

Please comment in this thread, if you've noticed any inaccuracy in the lists of verified Discoverers. Stay tuned for updated Prediction time. Thank you.



Incoming details of Prediction Part 2, regarding the Prime Artifacts Tesserae. It is time to utilize the Back Patterns your Factions have collected from the hunt for Researcher Tesserae. As usual, in order for your Predictions to qualify for review, you would need to respond to the appropriate thread with a. the answer to a quiz. b. Your Placement Prediction. What's different is, you will need to solve a series of mini puzzles first to access the quizzes. Here are the steps:

  1. There will be 12 threads created in the Forum, one for each of the Prime Artifacts (PA).
  2. When it's time to make Predictions, a link hosted on Januslaboratorium will be updated in all 12 threads. This link will take you to a gateway with 12 locked pages with Researchers' profile photo as thumbnails.
  3. Each page contains a question and a piece of Intel specific to a PA. The answer to the quiz comes from interpreting the Intel.
  4. You are provided with a hint and an encrypted string for each of the locked pages. To enter the locked pages, you will need to use the hints in conjunction with the Back Patterns.
  5. You will be able to acquire the Back Patterns that your Faction don't already have by decoding the given encrypted strings.
  6. Your answer to the quizzes should be based on the Intel found through puzzle solving.
  7. Only Predictions with the correct answers will be reviewed. The first Agent from each Faction that answers the quiz correctly + makes a correct Prediction will be assigned Tracker.
  8. The first Agent that answers the quiz correctly + makes a correct Prediction will score 2 pts for their Faction for that PA Tessera. Nemesis scores 2 pts for every misplaced PA.
  9. After the Prediction process, we will not only complete the Tessellation Board, but also learn about the full procedures of the Prime Artifacts Equation.

That's all for now. Quite a bit to process, and looks like it's not going to be any easier at the end. I'll be back when I know the time of Prediction.

2020/07/14 14:07(Forum)
TESSERAE Round 13: Verification Time

The Last Prediction will take place @ July 14th 17:00 UTC.