2020/06/09 09:13(Twitter)
@IngressJapan のレベル10以上の方に、 @PokemonGOAppJP のレベル38以上の方に拡大します。Pokémon GOにはNiantic Wayfarerの新しいメダルが加わります。詳しくはブログをご参照ください。

「Niantic Wayfarer」のアクセスが拡大され、ゲーム内リワードも追加されます。

「Niantic Wayfarer」は、『Pokémon GO』と『Ingress』をお楽しみいただく皆さんに、興味深いと考えられた場所を審査し、Nianticのプラットフォームに実装するかどうかを決めていただくサービスです。「Wayfarer」コミュニティの皆さんのご協力により、2019年11月に全世界でこのサービスを開始して以来、世界中に約190万ものWayspotを追加することができました。その数は今も増え続けています!今回、さらに多くの方々が「Wayfarer」を通して冒険いただけるように参加条件を拡張することにしました。

「Wayfarer」でWayspotの場所をできるのは、厳格な資格要件を満たす方のみに限られます。この要件には、『Pokémon GO』または『Ingress』のレベル条件を満たし、テストに合格することが含まれます。これは質の高いレビューを維持しながら、私たちのプラットフォームに慎重に候補地を反映していくうえでとても重要になります。

そして今回、Wayfinderである皆さんから質の高いレビューが続々と寄せられていることもあり、レビューに必要なレベル条件を引き下げます。これにより、『Pokémon GO』ではレベル38以上のトレーナーが、そして『Ingress』ではレベル10以上のエージェントが参加可能になります。ポケストップとポータルの選出レベルはこれまでと変わりません。

また、ゲーム内リワードの追加とアップデートも実施します!『Ingress』では、Reconメダルに必要な件数を一時的に2倍として換算します。『Pokémon GO』では、「Wayfarer」を利用できる方に向けた新しいWayfarerメダルを実装します。「Wayfarer」は、Wayfinderのプロフィールのレーティング高く、グリーンに表示されている時に獲得したAgreement数に応じてクレジットが付与されます。Agreementポイントは頑張れば頑張るほど、還元されていきます。


-The Niantic team

2020/06/09 02:08

2020/06/09 02:07(Twitter)
We're opening up reviews in Wayfarer to even more Wayfinders! @PokemonGOApp Trainers level 38 & @Ingress Agents level 10 are now eligible to review Wayspots. We're also introducing a new in-game medal in Pokémon GO for contributing to Niantic Wayfarer! nianticlabs.com/en/blog/wayfar

Expanding Niantic Wayfarer Access and In-Game Rewards
Niantic Wayfarer empowers eligible Pokémon GO and Ingress players to review and ultimately decide on which interesting points-of-interest get added to our platform. Since the global launch in November 2019, the Wayfarer community has helped add nearly 1.9 million (and counting!) Wayspots across the globe. We're incredibly motivated by the community's dedication and we're excited to open up the opportunity to more players to explore the real world through Wayfarer.

The ability to review Wayspots in Wayfarer is limited to those who meet strict eligibility requirements. This includes a level requirement in Pokémon GO or Ingress, and passing a tutorial quiz. This has been an important strategy to carefully pace the influx of Wayspots across our platform while maintaining quality reviews.

Based on the success and quality of the reviews those Wayfinders have been submitting, we are pleased to announce we will be lowering the level requirements for reviewing even further, allowing Pokémon GO Trainers Level 38 and Ingress Agents level 10 to join! PokéStop and Portal nomination levels will remain the same.

We're also adding and updating in-game rewards! In Ingress, we're temporarily doubling the credit value for Wayfarer Agreements towards the Recon medal. Starting today in Pokémon GO, we'll be launching a new Wayfarer Medal for eligible Wayfarers. Wayfarer will credit eligible Pokémon GO players for the number of Agreements earned while their Wayfinder profile rating was in good standing (green). And yes, Agreement points will be rewarded retroactively for all the hard work players have been putting in!

We're excited to welcome all new Wayfinders and look forward to continuing this Wayfinding journey with you! Be sure to join the conversation in the Wayfarer Community.

-The Niantic team

Niantic Support
2020/06/09 02:08(Twitter)
Welcome new Wayfarers! If you're wondering where to start or just looking for more information on Niantic Wayfarer, we've got you covered. Check out this discussion from the Wayfarer Forum: community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/230

2020/06/09 02:17(Forum)
Resources for new Reviewers
Hi folks,

Firstly, let me welcome all of the new folks to the Wayfarer Community! We're so glad to have you here and are really looking forward to chatting with you and answering any questions you may have as you ramp up as new reviewers!

A great place to start would be to review the Wayfarer Community Guidelines and Welcome Note. We are working hard to create a respectful but curious culture here.

When it comes to ramping up on reviewing, the Wayfarer Help Center has the basics you need to know, with articles about what's eligible, ineligible and in-between.

In order to keep Wayfarer fair for everyone, your decisions are compared with the decisions made by others in the community. This information is used to create an overall rating for your decisions in your profile. Your Performance rating is displayed on a scale of Green (Great) to Red (Poor) and will change over time.

Here are a few tips to ensure your Performance Rating stays Green:

  • Follow the criteria while reviewing nominations, we recommend keeping the eligible and ineligible criteria pages open in a different browser tab for easy access.
  • Take your time and review each segment on it's own merit. Read this article for tips on how to review each section.
  • Avoid using third party tools/plugins or depending on others to decide on how you vote on a nomination.
  • Note that your Rating may also be affected based on actions taken on abuse reviews.

There are also a lot of really knowledgeable and helpful Wayfinders right here in the forum with great questions and equally great answers. Here are a few lively and interesting discussions that could be worth your time:

Again, we're glad you're here and we're looking forward to interacting with you soon!


2020/06/09 02:09(Twitter)
Agents, thank you for helping us verify and approve the addition of nearly 1.9 million quality Portals to the Portal Network. In light of this success, we are now further expanding access to review Portals to L10 Agents. Read more at: nianticlabs.com/en/blog/wayfar