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Ingress Rating 3* in Store
I have every app review from the Play Store sent to my inbox, and it's a clear split between 5-star or 1-star reviews. People like Ingress, or they really want us to know how much they don't.


I hear you loud and clear, and I'd like to find ways to try and win you back by improving Ingress Prime. Also, to clarify some speculation in this thread, Google changed the way Play Store ratings work in Aug 2019 to place greater emphasis on recent reviews. The 3.0 rating reflects our Ingress reviews coming in since I've joined the team, not our lifetime rating or reviews from Prime's launch in Nov 2018.

It's going to take some time to improve our Play Store rating, and it's on my mind because of how this impacts our ability to attract new players. If you're looking for a real world game and see Ingress has a 3.0 -- I'd like to fix that. I do think it may help if more people who are actively playing right now rated Ingress. But the biggest driver will come from our continued work towards improving Ingress' stability and performance, while also building new features designed around Faction-based competition and finding ways to help cultivate community.

We've got a lot of work ahead, I appreciate all your words of support and constructive feedback, and thank you for playing our game.