2020/02/12 04:36

  • 基礎達成目標:コントロールフィールドを累計550万回形成させる。
  • 拡大達成目標:コントロールフィールドを累計800万回形成させる。


  • エイダ・リファクターの出力確率が2倍
  • ジャービス・ウィルスの出力確率が2倍


  • レゾネーター破壊による獲得アクセスポイントが2倍
  • リンク破壊による獲得アクセスポイントが2倍
  • フィールド破壊による獲得アクセスポイントが2倍


  • ブロンズ:コントロールフィールドを100回形成させる。
  • シルバー:コントロールフィールドを300回形成させる。
  • ゴールド:コントロールフィールドを800回形成させる。

また、エージェント・プロフィールで「Didact: Control Fields Created」の統計情報を活用することで進捗を確認することもできます。


  • レゾネーター(レベル1)×200
  • ヒートシンク(コモン)×8
  • ソフトバンク・ウルトラリンク×3


  • 基礎達成:「エイダ・リファクターの出力確率が2倍」及び「ジャービス・ウィルスの出力確率が2倍」が日本標準時2020年03月03日午前04時まで継続します。
  • 拡張達成:「エイダ・リファクターの出力確率が2倍」及び「ジャービス・ウィルスの出力確率が2倍」「レゾネーター破壊による獲得アクセスポイントが2倍」「リンク破壊による獲得アクセスポイントが2倍」「フィールド破壊による獲得アクセスポイントが2倍」が日本標準時2020年03月03日午前04時まで継続します。



最後となりますが、グローバルチャレンジ期間中はハッシュタグの #Didact を活用して報告を続けてください。イングレスの公式アカウントで再共有させていただきます。グローバルチャレンジの基礎達成目標及び拡張達成目標に対する進捗状況は、2月17日頃からフォーラム上で日々投稿していきます。


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2020/02/12 04:36(Forum)
#Didact Field Challenge: Feb 14-24, 2020
Starting Valentine's Day, Feb 14 at 19:00 UTC to Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC, a global challenge will be issued to all Ingress agents to defeat Nemesis associate, Didact. This month, there are two global challenge goal tiers:

  1. BASE: 5,500,000 control fields established
  2. STRETCH: 8,000,000 control fields established

During the global challenge window, the portal network will experience a temporary fluctuation in the following drop rates:

  • 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor
  • 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus

An access point exploit has also been detected in the Ingress scanner app. The origins of this AP exploit are unknown at this time, but it appears to be designed to counterbalance the focus on new fields created by agents:

  • 2X AP for resonator destroyed
  • 2X AP for link destroyed
  • 2X AP for field destroyed

A Didact Field Challenge medal will be awarded to agents who accomplish the following milestones during the global challenge window:

  1. Bronze: 100 fields created
  2. Silver: 300 fields created
  3. Gold: 800 fields created

Agents can also track their progress via a Didact: Control Fields Created stat on their agent profiles.

Additionally, to aid agents' efforts in microfielding, a temporary Didact loadout kit (8,000 CMU) will soon become available on the in-app Store:

  • L1 Resonator x200
  • Common Heat Sink x8
  • SoftBank Ultra Link x3

Successfully defeating Didact by meeting either the BASE or STRETCH goals by Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC will result in the continuation of the following modifications:

  • BASE: 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor; 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus continues to Mar 2 at 19:00 UTC
  • STRETCH: 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor; 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus; 2X AP for resonator destroyed; 2X AP for link destroyed; 2X AP for field destroyed continues to Mar 2 at 19:00 UTC

Failure to defeat Didact will result in the temporary drop rate and AP exploit ending on Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC upon termination of the global challenge. Please note that failing to secure the global challenge will not affect Didact medal achievements already awarded to agents during the challenge window.

Lastly, please continue to share situation reports during the global challenge window with the #Didact hashtag, and we will reshare agent SITREPs from @Ingress social channels. Status updates with progress towards the global challenge BASE and STRETCH goals will be posted daily in the community forum starting Mon, Feb 17.

Good luck, agents. We are all counting on you.

2020/02/12 04:44(Twitter)
Additional details about the upcoming #Didact Field Challenge on Feb 14, 19:00 UTC to Feb 24, 19:00 UTC have been released:

2020/02/12 05:20(Forum)
#Didact Field Challenge: Feb 14-24, 2020
Here are images of all three Didact Field Challenge medals:

Yes, 800 fields created in 10 days versus 2,000 fields created in 14 days is a less difficult challenge. But I'd like more people to try and continue through the duration of the global challenge window versus hitting 500 fields created then giving up with many days still remaining. There's also room to play with difficulty across global challenges, and Dec 2019 fell on the lighter side. If agents feel Didact is also too easy, then we can up the difficulty for Optima, Lucida, and beyond.

Regarding nothing happening if agents fail to successfully defeat Didact by creating 5.5M fields, I haven't yet come to appreciate the idea of punishing players for failing to meet a global challenge goal. I like positive reinforcement or rewarding players when they succeed, so ending the temporary hack and AP bonuses felt like enough here.