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  • エージェント・スミスはポータル(A)で1文字のグリフ・シーケンスを適切に完了させ、1ポイントを獲得した。
  • エージェント・スミスはポータル(A)をアップグレードして2文字のグリフ・シーケンスを適切に完了させ、更に1ポイントを獲得した。
  • エージェント・スミスはポータル(A)を更にアップグレードしたが、3文字のグリフ・シーケンスを完了できず、ポイントを獲得できなかった。再度ポータル(A)で3文字のグリフ・シーケンスを適切に完了させたとしてもポイントは獲得できない。
  • エージェント・スミスは仲間とともにポータル(A)を更にアップグレードして4文字のグリフ・シーケンスを適切に完了させ、更に1ポイントを獲得した。
  • エージェント・スミスは仲間とともにポータル(A)を更にアップグレードして5文字のグリフ・シーケンスを適切に完了させ、更に1ポイントを獲得した。
  • エージェント・スミスはポータル(A)において、最大5ポイント中4ポイントを獲得したことになる。







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Your actions have brought victory against Myriad. They were not able to inflict damage on the Portal network. The events in July gave us a glimpse of who Nemesis is and what their possible intentions are. It would seem that they are walking a dark and insidious path and we would have to keep our eyes open to find more clues about Nemesis. Myriad was only one of the pieces of the puzzle.

Aurora is the second piece. We believe this is another person or entity that wants to inflict harm on our universe. From what we can tell, they are here looking for games and mystery which no longer exist anymore in their world. We need to stop them from turning our universe into a mirror image of theirs.

To prevent our world from becoming assimilated and void of diversions, entertainment and amusement, we are asking that all Agents perform as many Glyph hacks as possible between August 15th at 5pm UTC and August 26th at 5pm UTC.

Portals offer Glyph sentences that can be between one and five characters in length depending on the level of the Portal. Each successfully completed Glyph hack sentence will earn an Agent one point if the Agent correctly draws all of the Glyph characters in the sentence on the first attempt. An Agent can earn a maximum of five points per Portal, one for each sentence length. However, if an Agent is not able to successfully complete a sentence on the first try, they will no longer be able to earn a point for that Glyph sentence length on that specific Portal.

For example:

  • Agent Smith Glyph hacks Portal A and successfully completes the one character Glyph hack sentence. They earn one point.
  • Agent Smith upgrades Portal A and successfully completes the two character Glyph hack sentence. They earn another point.
  • Agent Smith upgrades Portal A again and does NOT successfully complete the three character Glyph hack sentence. Agent Smith does not earn a point. Glyph hacking Portal A again and successfully completing the three character Glyph hack sentence will NOT earn Agent Smith a point.
  • Agent Smith and a friend(s) upgrades Portal A again and successfully completes the four character Glyph hack sentence. They earn another point.
  • Agent Smith and a friend(s) upgrades Portal A and successfully completes the five character Glyph hack sentence. They earn another point.
  • Agent Smith has earned four points out of a maximum of five from Portal A.

By August 26th at 5pm UTC, Agents must meet a global challenge threshold of 36,000,000 combined Glyph points in order to stop Aurora. We have also created an Aurora Global Challenge Status Report which can be viewed here, http://bit.ly/AuroraGlobalChallenge, and will be updated every 12 hours according to the schedule in the report.

If the objective is met, items obtained by Glyph hacking will increase by approximately 33% from August 27th at 5pm UTC to September 4th at 5pm UTC. If unsuccessful, the output from Glyph hacking will be reduced by 33%.

If the global challenge threshold is achieved successfully, there will also be a limited time reward from August 28th at 5pm UTC to September 2nd at 5pm UTC that will enable Glyph hacking to provide 1.5x the normal AP. In addition, we are very close to understanding several new Glyphs. By successfully achieving the global threshold, we believe that enough data will be collected that would unlock these new Glyphs as well.

An individual scanner achievement medal can also be earned if players successfully earns 100, 500, or 1000 total challenge points during the event. There will be a new event metric enabled in scanners for the duration of the event to track how many points you have earned during this challenge.

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The struggle against Nemesis is far from over. Prepare for the AURORA Glyph Hack Challenge! From August 15 at 1700 UTC to August 26th at 1700 UTC we need your help in earning 36,000,000 Glyph Hack Sentence Points. Check this link for more details:

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ネメシスとの戦いは終わりません。「AURORA」グリフハックチャレンジに備えましょう! 日本時間8月16日午前2時から27日午前2時まで合計36,000,000のグリフハックを成功させてください。詳細はこちら

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  • 1個のグリフハックシークエンスに1個のグリフを含むグリフハックを成功させた場合、1ポイントを獲得。
  • ポータルをアップグレードし、2個のグリフを含むグリフハックシークエンスを成功させた場合、もう1ポイントを獲得。
  • 再度ポータルをアップグレードし、3個あるグリフハックシークエンスで最初の挑戦で失敗した場合、ポイントは獲得できません。再度挑戦をし成功させたとしても、ポイントは獲得できません。
  • 他のエージェントと共にポータルを再度アップグレードし、4個のグリフハックを含むグリフハックシークエンスを成功させた場合は、1ポイント獲得できます。
  • 他のエージェントと共にポータルを再度アップグレードし、5個のグリフハックを含むグリフハックシークエンスを成功させた場合は、1ポイント獲得できます。
  • 以上の行動で、このエージェントはこのポータルから4ポイントを獲得できたことになります。