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第1次ユーザーインターフェイス更新(UI Update 1)ではプライムの相互作用を包括的に明確化させることを目標としており、エージェントから寄せられるフィードバックへ沿いつつ、可読性と一貫性とを高めていきます。こうした変更でエージェントは迷いなく容易に操作していけるようになるでしょう。






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As we move into the second half of 2019, we'd like to share some updates that we've made to the Ingress Prime Scanner. We have been hard at work calibrating our technology in order to bring you an improved Agent experience.

Our goal with UI Update 1 is to bring more clarity to interactions throughout Prime. We are enhancing the readability and consistency of visuals while addressing Agent feedback. These changes should help Agents navigate the interface with more confidence and ease.

For example, we have included information text below our carousels to provide more context on what actions users should take in relation to the screen that they are in. New and experienced Agents alike should benefit from these instructions.

Another area we have improved are the Portal modification rarity indicators (commonly referred to as MODs) in Portal Interaction. Using the consistent three-stripe-rarity indicator, along with adding rarity color in the deployed border, should help Agents identify these at a glance. This change was also implemented to address an accessibility issue for those with color vision deficiency. We continue to strive for inclusivity and want all of our Agents to have an enjoyable play experience.

Within MOD detail, the enlarged layout makes for an effortless interaction and the slot numbers aid in better communicating deployment plans with fellow Agents. The Scanner has also been upgraded to display MODs within Key Detail to give players more information on the portals they are inspecting.

An exciting parity feature we have included in this update is XM prediction. When managing your inventory, it now displays the calculated XM return you will gain from recycling. This value will change in color to signal if your prediction will exceed your XM tank capacity.

There are many other upgrades you will notice throughout Prime such as enhanced selection states, faster UX, and improved daytime readability. We hope these new additions encourage you to get out and explore the world around you! Stay tuned for more to come as we work to provide exciting updates to the Ingress experience. We will continue to review your feedback as we make more improvements.

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Agents we're pleased to announce our next set of #IngressInsights - this time giving you a peek behind the curtain of some upcoming UI improvements to the Prime Scanner!