2019/07/16 05:25





  • 勝者総取方式か、スコア分配方式か
  • シャードごとのポイントはいくつか
  • シャードがポイント獲得するためのターゲット・ポータル最大数はいくつか
  • リンクが存在しない場合にシャードはランダム・ジャンプするか
  • シャードを移動させるのに必要とするポータル・レベルはいくつか
  • シャードはどの程度の頻度で移動するか


  • 勝者総取方式か、スコア分配方式か
  • ポイント獲得するためのリンク最大数はいくつか
  • リンクごとにスコアを乗数計算すべきか
  • 開始ポータルには陣営を指定すべきか


  • 勝者総取方式か、スコア分配方式か




2019/07/16 05:25(Forum)

Today we released the rules for the MYRIAD Ingress Anomaly. In order to arrive at these rules, for the first time ever, we invited the July Anomaly Points of Contacts (POCs) to actively collaborate with Niantic in determining the Anomaly game types and customizations. Thanks to this partnership between Niantic and the Ingress community, we believe we've come up with some exciting Anomalies that you can look forward to!

The POCs were provided with six main game types to choose from. These included Artifact Collection, Longest Link, Periphery Fielding Operation, Portal Capture Battle, Shard Battle, and Unique Portal Hacks. Enlightened and Resistance POCs provided Niantic with each Faction's top three ranked game types that they wanted to be played across all of the July Anomaly cities. Niantic selected each Faction's top choice for two of the game types. If the two Factions selected the same game type as each of their top choices, the Faction that submitted theirs to Niantic first would have had their second choice selected instead. The Enlightened selected the Shard Battle and Resistance chose Unique Portal Hacks as their top picks.

Niantic wanted the third type of game type to be something both Factions wanted. If there was no common game type identified, Niantic was prepared to select one from the remaining formats. However, this proved not to be the case as both Factions submitted the Longest Link as the third preferred style of play.

For the next step in Anomaly planning, the game types had to be customized and their variables set. The customizable aspects were known to the POCs and published at the beginning of the entire process.

The Shard Battle consisted of the following six customizations:

  • Is this winner-take all or proportional scoring?
  • What are the points per shard?
  • What is the maximum amount of Target Portals a Shard can touch to get the most points?
  • Can a Shard randomly jump if there is no link?
  • What is the level of the Portal required to make a Shard jump via a link?
  • How often does a Shard jump?

The Longest Link competition consisted of the following four customizations:

  • Is this winner-take all or proportional?
  • What is the maximum amount of links to get the most points?
  • Should there be a score multiplier for links?
  • Should starting Portals be Faction-specific agnostic?

The Unique Portal Hack consisted of:

  • Is this winner-take all or proportional?

The variables were selected via a majority voting system. All but two of the aspects received nearly unanimous votes. "Can a shard randomly jump if there is no link?" and "Should there be a score multiplier for links?" ended up being about an 80/20 split.

We are continually looking for ways to improve Anomalies and appreciate the ability and willingness of POCs to experiment with us. We have yet to determine at this time if this is a process we will continue in the future. But we wanted to let Agents know about the role and involvement their POCs had in shaping the upcoming events of the MYRIAD Anomaly and to thank them for their involvement and feedback.

You can find the rules at https://ingress.com/events/anomaly-rules