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2019/02/12 11:50:35
Across the Universe - Part 2
Okay, truthseekers, on the docket for today is another old transcript I dug up, this one a conversation that took place at the Niantic Project early in 2018. It's an incident in which researcher Roland Jarvis's voice mysteriously emerged from the XM Scanner, preaching the Enlightened path.

As you'll see in the transcript, Jarvis insisted he had never spoken those words. ADA suggested that maybe the reason Jarvis didn't remember saying those things was because he hadn't said them yet.

But I've got kind of a wild theory... I don't think the message was from the future at all.

Bear with me here for a second... The Hank from the other universe is older. And they seem to have more advanced XM tech than we do. Maybe this is an example of what Kureze was talking about in his Nomad interview: What if the other universe is time-shifted from ours? Their Epiphany Night could have happened earlier than ours, maybe even years earlier.

Now, let's take this train of thought all the way to the station, shall we? Suppose the Other Jarvis was killed like he was in our universe. Suppose he became one with the Ultimate there like our Jarvis did here. Maybe Jarvis's voice in the XM Scanner wasn't from our future... what if it was from a Jarvis in another universe's present, from a world where their Jarvis's consciousness had already joined with the XM Substrate?

Makes you start to wonder... are certain things immutable in every universe? The same way some parts of our most beloved stories are unalterable canon no matter how many times they are reinvented? Thomas and Martha Wayne always get killed in crime alley, Spider-Man always gets bitten by a radioactive spider... Jarvis always dies and becomes one with the Ultimate. Maybe the different worlds have a tendency to want to harmonize, only sometimes they don't. Makes me feel like the ramifications of variances are going to be huge!

Yeah, I know... We're deep in tinfoil hat territory now. And I have a feelings thing are only gonna get weirder before we're through.