2019/02/02 10:52:49

しばし前、ナイアンティック計画の責任者 エゼキエル・カルヴィン と研究者 オリバー・リントン=ウルフ博士の間で交わされたテキストチャットを手にしたわけだが、次の投稿で見ていただこう。どうやらリントン=ウルフは、彼が呼ぶところの「パワーキューブ」技術の一つ...XMを格納できるオブジェクトを生み出す手法を編み出したようだ。




2019/02/02 10:52:49
Harnessing XM

A while back, I got my hands on a text exchange between Niantic Project Director Ezekiel Calvin and researcher Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, see the next post. It seems Lynton-Wolfe figured out the formula for an object capable of containing XM... a piece of technology he called a Power Cube.

Lynton-Wolfe is brilliant, but he's not infallible. We learned this when, during its first primary test, his Power Cube exploded, flooding the Niantic Project facility with XM. Everyone in the facility that night was exposed to dangerously-high levels of XM, and by all reports, all of the Sensitives present had a pretty profound experience, unique to each of them. I'll delve into the details of that later, but worth noting here is that there does appear to be degrees of XM Sensitivity. Your average Ingress agent may never experience enhanced abilities from exposure to XM, but high-level Sensitives like the former Niantic Project researchers are a different story; many of them have experienced great leaps in physical and/or cognitive ability since Epiphany Night, and how those abilities manifest seem to be evolving over time.

But one thing is for sure: This event, called Epiphany Night by some and the Niantic Calamity by others, was the catalyst for everything that came after. The event that inspired me to investigate Ingress in the first place. For better or worse, it's led me to where I am today.