nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2018/04/03 15:56:19



November Lima
2018/04/03 15:56:19
Agents we are happy to announce the Summer of NL-1331 in Europe! We always love coming to visit and this time is no different! Starting in Germany at the Schloss Kaltenberg camping event and ending In late July we will do a series of events across Europe! Of course we will continue with tradition by doing dead drops all along the way and Character badge/stat competitions. We are working on a few surprises as well! All attendees will be able to unlock the tiered van badge with either a free or paid ticket! Also continuing with tradition we really want agent feedback on places we should come to for NL-1331!

Please leave a comment below and we will and we will make our best effort to incorporate as many suggestions into the schedule as possible. this may be the last opportunity for a traditional NL-1331 event in your city as we work to hopefully bring a special experience to Europe next year!

Please re-share with your community for maximum effect!


November Lima
2018/04/03 17:45:30
PT 2 since comments maxed out on original. Again if you would like to have your city considered a for an NL 1331 event in Europe please leave a post and we will work to incorporate as many cities as possible!