nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2018/03/01 11:09:55


November Lima
2018/03/01 11:09:55
Agents here is the full schedule and RSVP links for our last stops in the in the Asia Pacific area! Stay tuned for details regarding stat competition for character badges. We will also post dead drops here for each city. Kit details are listed for each city that will have packs available. The country specific pins look amazing! We also look forward to announcing our next series of events soon!

14-3-2018 Wednesday Kaohsiung, Taiwan

15-3-2018 Thursday Taichung, Taiwan

17-3-2018 Saturday New taipei City

21-3-2018 Wednesday Bandung, Indonesia

24-3-2018 Saturday Jakarta, Indonesia

27-3-2018 Tuesday Matara, Sri Lanka

29-3-2018 Thursday Kandy, Sri Lanka

31-3-2018 Saturday Colombo, Sri Lanka

7-4-2018 Saturday Bangkok, Thailand

8-4-2018 Sunday Bangkok, Thailand MD


2018/03/02 10:59:46
+November Lima will be on the road shortly and visit Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka or Thailand! If you are attending one of the meetups, be sure to share your photos using #NL1331 and have fun, Agents!