nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2018/01/28 05:46:45

November Lima
2018/01/28 05:46:45

Alastair Gilfillan
2018/01/28 03:20:51
After a few days of recovery, I'm reporting on the evening when agents in Sydney #EncounteredNL1331 #NL1331a The prolonged XM exposure almost seemed too much for some agents to handle but almost all of them made it through the event with no adverse effects and increased insight into what happens tomorrow, thanks to +Andrew Krug's thorough Q&A session.

We appreciate +November Lima and +Ethan Lepouttre for enabling this experience by making the long journey to Australia and, despite being thrown under the bus, we honour the memory and efforts of the main local organiser, +Tom Rothwell #t47 #Ingress

Greenwood Hotel