ファーストサタデー Aug-2017:開催都市一覧

2017/08/03 00:00:24

3DCircleWithoutShadowTransparent.pngフェヴ・ゲームス(fev games)
2017/07/20 21:39:05



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  1. エージェントに関心を持ってもらうため現地のコミュニケーションパネルへ投稿しましょう。
  2. 同じ週の金曜日あるいは日曜日に開催するイベントも受理されます。
  3. 友人や家族をリクルートしましょう。
  4. ファーストサタデー主催者コミュニティへ参加してイベント主催の助言や良い事例の紹介を受けましょう。
  5. ファーストサタデーの写真や動画にはハッシュタグを付けましょう。
  6. 疑問があれば次のようなものを活用しましょう。
  7. イベント終了後には忘れずに結果報告を行いましょう。
  8. 楽しみましょう!


City Meeting Point Enl Leader Res Leader
Fort Worth, TX, United States General Worth Square Nightwing2 TwistedMystic
Kediri, Indonesia Monument Di Simpang Gumul Kabu PHPutri PutuneNi4ntic
Bedford, United Kingdom Bar Citrus Erucordie Dioscuri59
Durban, South Africa Botanical Gardens - Visitors Centre Entrance WAZZSA Mkhize
Chuncheon-si, South Korea 에티오피아한국참전기념관 Poksinkori yunapapa00
Dresden, Germany Rose Garden Sculpture damdina D4veEv4d
Calgary, Canada Eau Claire Market Attentea Escurel
Klaipėda, Lithuania Skulptūrų parkas kazoke Akvi
Arlon, Belgium Xigu Stone Gimpei L0rdDarkChabite
Twin Cities, MN, United States Minnesota State Capitol Owlsneeze Zumie
Guayaquil, Ecuador Palacio de Cristal - Malecon 2000 Darthvader89 motb84
Guadalajara, Mexico Larva Arameni LABP89
Pittsburgh, PA, United States Giraffe Statue 00Ohno sparrowacctual
Salta, Argentina Parque San Martín DuendeHD Lean094N
Sydney, Australia Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway drewflux Namarrgon
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Museo de Arte Moderno KARJUTER Ranfol
Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Supeede SpogNaLachainn
London, United Kingdom The Audley Public House Richard Jennings Jennifer Notley
Perth, Australia Central Park, Cnr Hay and William St. Perth bluesfemme MrsSputnik
Winnipeg, Canada Assiniboine Duck Pond spicyheart Melatron
Salvador, Brazil Bartequim sauloandrade maianogueira
Bordeaux, France Horloge Galerie Lafayette guiglar Dorylis
Keene, NH, United States May Peace Prevail Monument Andrew Lindner Alan LaCombe
Helsinki, Finland Stone's Anaplian mandrilli
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Triceratops IngSabinozqui 88mary256
São Paulo, Brazil Parque do Ibirapuera Morgainelefay dahora
Lima, Peru Parque de la Amistad ViperTom Badchy
Orlando, FL, United States Orlando Sister Cities Desic JSX
Buenos Aires, Argentina Facultad de Medicina - UBA Ktulu789 Marian522
Córdoba, Argentina Tercer Congreso de Vialidad Valkiria00 keijo
Cardiff, United Kingdom Pen & Wig LeeroyNake Luna987
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Born the Princess naoseMatt vpimentel
Hamilton, New Zealand Pause and Remember Stratics nzicequeen
Trondheim, Norway Klüvergården omsfah Fredelig
Vienna, Austria Theseustempel takri r1chAT
Oslo, Norway Gledesprederen Afromopp Lorhban
Turku, Finland Suomen Ensimmäinen Vientiolut Eracage MagiaMagpie
Mexico City, Mexico Kiosko La Alameda aberst DracoE01
Pretoria, South Africa Irene Mall Cows Dtribble queery
João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil Basílica de Nossa Sra das Neves Nencorico rogeriopb
Kunming, China Marastar ackj
Indianapolis, IN, United States Cardinal blackolivelover BrigadierBacon
Rochester, NY, United States Dog Town SpaceTooFar squirrelnutz
Oklahoma City, OK, United States Lakeside United Bell Tower HarveyHudson56 Euroclydon
Hamilton, New Zealand Pause and Remember Stratics nzicequeen
Tulsa, OK, United States Story time for 2 InvatorZim Laridous
Ufa, Russia Памятник Ленину HunterKaan NoLord
Brookings, OR, United States Brookings Post Office Kttail Essayons75
Natal, Brazil Ladrilho de Aranha MindDesigner Vladimirdank
Sioux Falls, SD, United States Shriver Square Wookei krausemankol
Whitby, Canada Whitby Public Library justabitcrazee BIGkron
Chicago, IL, United States Elgin Gazebo AgentKelly Grumbleton


2017/08/03 00:00:24
Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out Fev Games for a listing of registered Ingress First Saturday events happening on August 5th!

IngressFS Event Registration
July 20, 2017 . by Jordon Mizzi
Registrations are now open for event organizers to submit the events for August 2017 IngressFS Events.

Make sure your event is registered by Wednesday 26th June to be included in the official listings! Registrations will remain open until the Thursday before FS which is the deadline for the Passcode emails.

If this is your first time running an IngressFS event, check out this Crash Course presentation to help with organising a successful IngressFS event.

Here's some #IngressFS pro-tips:

  1. Post in your local COMM about the event for any Agents that may be interested in coming.
  2. Events hosted on the Friday or Sunday on the same weekend as the First Saturday of the month are acceptable.
  3. Recruit friends and family to join your event.
  4. Join the #IngressFS Organizer community to get advice on hosting your event or share best practices
  5. Tag your photos and videos with #IngressFS.
  6. Use these resources if you have any questions.
  7. Running an #IngressFS guidelines
  8. Scoring Spreadsheet template
  9. First Saturday art assets
  10. Don't forget to submit your cities results after the event
  11. Have fun!

Registered Events