nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2017/02/27 06:05


November Lima
2017/02/27 06:05
2017/02/27 10:27
Agents we a preparing our new mission objective and happy to announce that we will be doing one last mission series with our current Nl1331 starting March 25 in San Antonio before we take time off in America to prepare for a new and Improved Nl1331 (2.0). We are preparing a few big things for this event including the agent state competition for harder to find character badges and many other giveaways. We are also proud to announce that we will exclusively be releasing the first badge of 2017. We have a lot more in store for these events as well!

If you would like to have your community considered for an NL1331 event please leave a comment below. No area in America is off limits.