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January 19, 2017 · by PAC · in Intelligence and Other Media

My source tells me this is the last fragment of the report prepared for Jay Phillips about the current state of the Niantic Facility -- I do not know, however, if these fragments (both today's leak and the previously recovered sections I, II and III) reflect the final state this report will take -- all we've been able to recover are these pieces of discarded drafts created during the NIA's internal preparation process...

I keep thinking about what Hank was talking about a few days ago as I read these fragments -- how he uses a mix of truth and disinformation to create a safety buffer around himself.

How much of this is truth and how much is intentional disinformation? What motivations do the the NIA have to lie about the current state of the Facility? What could they be hiding?



What is clear is that the Niantic Project Facility continues to function as an extremely powerful Portal with emissions of XM at levels that exceed most other known sources. Traces of precious metals, a known by-product of XM/Dark XM interaction, have been detected in some of the lower lab levels. It is possible that either the Niantic Portal itself or some other aspect of the Facility may produce intermittent Dark XM flares, but attempts to identify the source or sources of these emissions have failed.

It should be noted that a few of HAZDATA staff who help monitor the facility claimed that the site appeared to be 'haunted.' You will note that I am not using this term in the colloquial sense, but in the sense that the site might be 'alive' as a transdimensional entity in the way that other sites such as the Enlightened Compound in California and Jahan's Palace have been noted to be -- providing a gateway for activity and/or incarnations that could represent temporal discontinuity or other phenomenon that remain unexplained. This, as you know, is speculation based on observer accounts and historical sources only. Our equipment at this point is not able to detect anything other than Portal-related XM activity.

It should also be noted that one HAZDATA staffer who was monitoring the facility on November 12th noted a sharp spike in XM activity at the Niantic facility, and reported hearing sounds as well as experiencing strong disorientation. This corresponds to the destruction of the Moyer Techthulhu. We can draw no conclusions as what this may mean.


H. Richard Loeb
2017/01/20 11:10:34
My source tells me this is the last fragment of the report prepared for Jay Phillips about the current state of the Niantic Facility...