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2016/11/29 21:57:27

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Ancient Disk's Mysterious Code Finally Cracked

Edgar Allan Wright
2016/11/29 21:57:27
Excellent scholarship from +Yik Sheng Lee. The premise that the Niantic Project and Die Glocke were the first XM investigations is dubious to me. I too suspect there have been others. I am exploring the alchemists as obvious ones. And, of course Ada of Caria and the Tomb of Mausolus, but there must also be many others. What would they be? What characteristics are we looking for?


Yik Sheng Lee
2016/11/29 21:47:33
Minoans, ABADN and Aegis Nova

Nobody knows exactly how and why the Minoan civilisation collapsed. The usual suspect is an ancient massive volcanic eruption at Santorini, which was followed by equally enormous and deadly tsunamis. But this is still contentious among scholars.

In the post-Niantic Ingress world, perhaps the clues and the myths can be reinterpreted to point to a another conclusion that the Minoans were destroyed because they dabbled with dangerous XM and dark technology to build a massive ABADN or anomalous zone which housed a Bronze Age "Nigel-like" Aegis Nova and Tecthulu machines.

We know from Obsidius that the Vesuvian Magnus tried to build the Shield at the Vesuvian Nest which led to the destruction of Pompeii and the surrounded cities. It's likely that a Roman period Aegis Nova was involved as the Shield is always followed by the Sword.

Now if we put together the myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth and the volcanic eruption that supposedly destroyed the Minoan empire in Crete, maybe the mythical underground Labyrinth was actually a powerful ABADN or Nest and the Minotaur, a Tecthulu-like machine hosted in a simulacrum and bound to the anomalous zone. And the volcanic eruption was a Pompeii-like calamity brought about by a Minoan attempt to build their own Shield with the ABADN and Tecthulu machine in their possession at Knossos.

Maybe this ancient disk now decoded partially to tell the story of snake goddess worship might actually be an attempt by the Minoans to recreate what they once possessed which made their empire the mightiest in the Mediterranean?

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Ancient Disk's Mysterious Code Finally Cracked




アプリケーションパッケージ解析 [1.110.0]