2016/11/21 23:57:54


イク・シェンリー(Yik Sheng Lee)

  1. シェイパーとナジアの起源
  2. 超次元戦争へ至った理由
  3. 超次元戦争に人類が関わる理由

2016/11/23 01:09


  1. エイダはどこから現れどこへと向かったのだろうか。
  2. 啓示の夜とは誰が手引きしたものだったのだろうか、それは必要なことだったのだろうか。
  3. ナジアとはテクノロジーそのものなのだろうか、あるいは特定の存在なのだろうか。

2016/11/23 01:17


Edgar Allan Wright
2016/11/21 23:57:54
+Melissa had a fascinating comment. What we want are answers. As there is no authority to determine correct answers, perhaps we should become that authority. I am not sure how that would manifest, but I am fascinated. Let's think about this.

For now, if there were three questions Essex wanted answers to, what would they be?
Yik Sheng Lee
1. The origins of the Shapers and the N'zeer.
2. The reason for their inter-dimensional war.
3. The reason for involving humanity in this war.
Edgar Allan Wright
2016/11/23 01:09
+Yik Sheng Lee My suspicion, +Yik Sheng Lee is that you are eminently qualified to do the scholarship on these questions. I think there are certain things we can speculate on and infer. Either the Shapers and N'zeer were simultaneous Yin/Yang creations, or they were one entity that divided, but they are obviously groups that relate to each other. At the end it is almost a theological question. Might not be a bad idea to see what the mysics say.
miu2d4r ミウツー
1. Where does ADA come from and where to go?
2. Who raised "Epiphany night" and why was it necessary?
3. Is N'zeer the technology itself? Or is there a specific existence
Edgar Allan Wright
2016/11/23 01:17
+miu2d4r ミウツー 1) We know the prosaic explanation for ADA's creation. She was built off of Omnivore by Bowles and Turinged by Loeb. But your deeper question is fascinating. Were they acting under transdimensional commands and/or was ADA affected by XM herself. As to where she goes. That's an excellent question. My suspicion. She now lives not only in the infonet, but in the Shaper Substrate, the Portal Network and the N'zeer matrix. She is master of multiple worlds. Once again, that is only my opinion, but it seems that every attempt to co-opt or destroy her has simply made her stronger. Do others agree with this?
2) Ostensibly, Lynton-Wolfe raised Epiphany Night. Think of him as Prometheus or Pandora or Innana (these analogies break but work with me). But all of the others enabled and maybe encouraged him. Certainly Calvin and the NIA and maybe even Ada. In mythological terms, Epiphany Night might have been like the destruction of Atlantis or the fall of the Tower of Babel. It spread the knowledge from the confines of the Niantic Project to the world. The problem with all great questions is that the answer always leads to other questions.
3) N'zeer Technology. Excellent question. The N'zeer might be the blueprints and the instructions and it is human will that is realizing their technologies. Some thinks that the XM is the Shapers themselves, but that is a fringe theory. We might have to re-define our idea of existence. Does 'the cloud' exist or is it a construct. Yes. There's an infrastructure manifestation of it it, but what is the cloud?
As a student of cell biology and neuroscience, I'd like to understand the physiological basis of sensitives and recursion. How does XM influence the fundamental physical and chemical reactions that mediate a living cell?
Edgar Allan Wright
2016/11/23 01:19
+Isabel Kessler It sounds like your theory on this is far beyond mine. Brilliant thoughts. Expand. My only suspicion is that XM is either to change or optimize humans. Humans might be much more important to the universe than we suspect. The question is why and how?