photo.jpgヴェルム・インヴェニリ(Verum Inveniri)
2016/11/11 20:21:17
第七節に関してだが、867-5309 にはエリアコードがないね。

- 8 -






Verum Inveniri
2016/11/11 20:21:17
VINoir, part 8.

For part 7: 867-5309 was missing the area code.

#Ingress #ViaNoir

- VIII -

That number was strangely familiar. It reminded me of an anonymous tip line I had set up in my office years ago. Something wasn't right here. New connections were beginning to form, and I didn't particularly ilike where they were heading. I needed to find a way to get out, and get out soon.

They dropped me, still cuffed to the chair, in a dimly lit room and left. Didn't bother locking the door, presuming that the cuffs and chair would be good enough now. Lucky for me, they never did check my coat, and after enough contortions, I grabbed my pick set and slowly started to work on freeing myself. I had to stop and put on the right combination of fear and resignation when the occasional guard passed by, but after about a half hour of struggle, I finally got the pins to set, and the lock twisted open with a soft click.

Watching the pattern of the guards, I finally planned my escape and made my way to the door. I slowly started down the hall when I heard a quiet voice call from my side. "Please ... Can you help me?"

It seemed this place was hiding more than just goons and cockroaches. I slowly looked over my shoulder and saw her sitting in a room marked "byiesi." Shirley Madov.