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Anomalies are a great time for getting together with fellow Agents, having fun, and competing for your Faction. Don't let your fun be ruined by not knowing how to receive your Anomaly medal or what happens if your friend picks up your Supporter Kit for you. We ask that all Agents review the Anomaly event FAQ for #ViaNoir here:

Register for a city near you here:


Ingress XM Anomaly Ticketing FAQ

Q: What is an Ingress XM Anomaly Event?

A: An Ingress XM Anomaly Event is a series of free Ingress events that you play as a team with other local and visiting players against the other faction. These events are for Ingress players of all levels and last approximately 5 - 6 hours including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and may have a social meetup at the end. In addition, your faction may plan pre and post Anomaly faction-only events. If you'd like to get in contact with your faction in advance to see how you can help contribute, please contact your local faction representative listed here to coordinate further on or off site activities after you register to attend with Niantic.

Q: Can I ask a friend to PICK UP my supporter kit for me?

A: Yes, however your friend must bring a copy of your printed receipt with them to the event. You will not receive a medal card if you do not pick up your order in person and you will not be eligible to have your medal pushed to you either. Medal cards, one per Agent, are distributed only to Agents picking their supporter kit up in person. This is a new procedure, you no longer submit an Event-Support ticket to assign a designee.

If someone is picking up your supporter kit for you, please remind them to check your supporter kit to ensure it contains all items BEFORE leaving the registration area. Unfortunately, we're not able to replace items claimed missing after you leave the registration area.

Q: I went to an Ingress XM Anomaly event and did not get my in-app medal. How do I receive this?

A: For primary and satellite cities:

  • On-site participants with a paid Supporter Kit will be awarded a medal code upon checking in at the event with a Niantic employee or authorized agent in person.
  • Free ticket holders that check in on-site with a Niantic employee or authorized agent in person will have their medal pushed to their scanners shortly after the event.

You can find a link to your city's event on the official event site.

Q: How do I receive my XM Anomaly in-app medal if I'm an off-site participant?

A: XM Anomaly in-app medals are only available to off-site support participants who:

  • Ordered a paid supporter kit to be picked up for them or registered for a free ticket in advance or on the day of the event; AND
  • Whose role was at least one of the following coordinated with their POC in advance:
    • Intel operator
    • Involved with fielding
    • Involved with organized recharging Portals
    • Involved with the movement of shards/artifacts

Remote support players must coordinate with their faction POC in advance to determine the eligibility criteria. Medals for off-site participants will be pushed to scanners after the POC submits their remote participation list. POCs have one to three weeks to submit their off-site list to Niantic. Medals Registrations made after the event will not accepted as valid.

If you have not received your medal for off-site/remote participation, please check with your POC first to see if the off-site list with your name has been submitted to Niantic. Niantic will not be able to research missing medal requests until all POC lists have been received which may take up to three weeks.

Q: What is the difference between participation "On-Site", "Off-site" and "Supporter Kit Purchase Only"?

A: To answer the participation question on the order form:

  • On-site participation is defined as an Agent who will physically be present on the day of the event interacting and playing Ingress within the predefined game area.
  • Off-site participation is defined as those who contribute remote support the day of the event but are not physically present in the predefined game area.
  • Those who do not have the ability to participate either On-Site or Off-site but wish to purchase a Supporter Kit as a collectible item and have someone pick it up for them should select the Supporter Kit Purchase Only option from the participant question on the order form.

Remember, Agents who do not pick up their supporter kit in person will not receive a medal card.

Q: My supporter kit is missing an item - help!

A: Please check your supporter kit BEFORE you leave the registration area to ensure that it contains all items. If someone is picking up your supporter kit for you, please remind them to check your kit for you. Unfortunately, we're not able to replace items claimed missing after you leave the registration area.

Q: I just bought an Ingress XM Anomaly supporter kit, but I can no longer attend or no longer want it. How can I get a refund?

A: Per the order confirmation pages, we are not able to offer refunds. All sales are final and non-refundable.

Q: I just bought an Ingress XM Anomaly supporter kit but it was for the wrong event. How can I get a refund?

A: Per the order confirmation pages, we are not able to offer refunds. All sales are final and non-refundable. Please verify that you are signing up for the correct event before placing your order.

Q: I was unable to attend the event or my friend forgot to pick up my supporter kit for me. How can I get my supporter kit or get a refund?

A: Per the order confirmation page, all supporter kits must be picked up at the event. We are not able to provide a shipping option at this time. Per the order confirmation page, all sales are final and non-refundable.

Q: The passcode on my card shows as redeemed. Can you give me another code?

A: If your passcode shows as redeemed, please submit a request with the location of the event you attended, your order number, your Ingress Agent name, and the passcode. We will research the issue and determine when and where the code was redeemed. If the code was redeemed after the kit was received by an Agent or their designee, it will not be replaced under any circumstance.

Q: Can I upgrade my ticket type after purchase (for example, from Rare to Very Rare) either in advance or on the ground once I arrive?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, we're not able to accommodate upgrades. Once you've purchased a kit, it's not possible to exchange it for a different type of kit and either pay or be refunded the difference in pricing.

Q: Can I sell my ticket to someone else?

A: No, any ticket you purchase is specific to your agent name and email address and may not be substituted or sold to any other agents under any circumstances. Please bring a state or country-issued photo identification card or passport to the event to verify your identity and pick up your ticket. If you have friends that want to attend the event, please encourage them to register at the city ticketing page and choose from one of the four (4) ticket options, including the Free kit.

Q: Can I change my information once I purchase a ticket?

A: Submit a request with your ticket order if you mistyped your email address or Agent name.

Q: What Ingress characters are coming to each Ingress XM Anomaly event?

A: When the final list of special guest attendees has been verified, we will update the corresponding event pages.

Q: Is the collectible Ingress XM Anomaly challenge coin specific to each city?

A: No. The challenge coin is branded for the specific series only, not individual cities.

Q: I RSVP'd and placed an order, but have not been assigned to a team yet. How do I get on a team?

A: Teams are assigned via Enlightened and Resistance team signup pages. You can find your anomaly's team signup pages at thislink.

Q: I have other questions.

Please submit a request for support with your ticket order. Include the location of the event you're attending (i.e., the city), your order number if applicable, your Ingress Agent name, and a description of your question/issue.

Please only ask questions related to event orders, we cannot answer questions related to GORUCK, your gameplay, game mechanics, anomaly rules, reporting players, or scanner technical issues.