nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2016/07/18 15:43:58
アノマリーのプライマリーサイト、ポーランドのワルシャワに至る欧州初のナイアンティック主催 NL1331 イベントの公式参加登録ページを公開することができ、嬉しく思っています。欧州における初のXM探索とクロスファクションで偉大なる数多くのエージェントと出逢う機会を愉しみにしています!

November Lima
2016/07/18 15:43:58
We are happy to release the official rsvp pages for the first series of Niantic hosted
#Nl1331 events in Europe leading up to the Primary Anomaly in Wroclaw, Poland. We look forward to our first ever xm exploratory session in Europe and to meeting so many great agents in a cross faction atmosphere!

+Ingress​​ #NLE #Nl1331

1/8/2016 Monday Hamburg, Germany

3/8/2016 Wednesday Luxembourg, Luxembourg

5/8/2016 Friday Stuttgart , Germany

6/8/2016 Saturday Munich, Germany

8/8/2016 Monday Zurich , Switzerland

10/8/2016 Wednesday Milan, Italy

11/8/2016 Thursday Rome, Italy

13/8/2016 Saturday Graz, Austria

15/8/2016 Monday Zagreb, Croatia

17/8/2016 Wednesday Budapest , Hungary

19/8/2016 Friday Vienna, Austria

20/8/2016 Saturday Bratislava, Slovakia

22/8/2016 Monday Brno , Czech Republic

24/8/2016 Wednesday Prague, Czech Republic

2016/07/20 01:01:27
The November Lima European tour registration pages are now live! Check the link below for cities and dates and RSVP today.

#Ingress #NL1331