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古代史に関しては、今週新たな文献が発見された...オブシディウスの友人マルクスから送られた一通の返信である。オブシディウスがマルクスに対して少なくとも二通の手紙(一通目 / 二通目)を送ったことは諸君もご存知だろう。件の探検家はその使命に対する疑問を記していた。マルクスの返信からは、彼らがローマ帝国の闇に蠢く陰謀に対して懸念を持ち始めている様子が見て取れる。




お見逃しの諸君は是非とも最新のイングレス・レポートを確認し、 調査を継続する限り Question of the Day に注視していてほしい。



P.A. シャポー


H. Richard Loeb
2016/03/28 07:58:04
Agents, we're hurtling towards a moment of truth. In just under a week, the Resistance and the Enlightened... Jahan and the Acolyte... Anti-Magnus and 13MAGNUS... and possibly even the N'zeer and the Shapers will go head to head in a struggle that will span the globe, all to determine the fate of the Obsidian Shield. Are you prepared for that battle?


March 27, 2016 · by PAC · in Obsidian: Weekly Wrap-Ups

Agents, we're hurtling towards a moment of truth. In just under a week, the Resistance and the Enlightened... Jahan and the Acolyte... Anti-Magnus and 13MAGNUS... and possibly even the N'zeer and the Shapers will go head to head in a struggle that will span the globe, all to determine the fate of the Obsidian Shield.

Are you prepared for that battle? Perhaps more importantly, are we ready to face its aftermath?

Last week we got an inside look at the conflict that lies ahead. We not only recovered intel from IQTech about the Anomalies, we also learned of Jahan's plans to counter the Enlightened lead after the February 27 Anomalies through a collaboration with Stein Lightman and an ancient document about the Obsidian Shield. We didn't know was whether Jahan's idea was viable, and we had heard suspiciously little about what the Acolyte has been up to, beyond that she'll finally get direct access to the contents of the Harlan Box per the deal she made some weeks ago.

This week we heard directly from the Acolyte. She spoke via a set of messages scattered in Portals around the world located at the sites of famous domes, much like the ancient dome under which Obsidius, Cybella, and Syphax met with Titus. More on that in a minute. The Acolyte told the story of Obsidius and his mission. But what are the lessons she's deriving from his journey? Can she use the wisdom, or the mistakes, of two thousand years ago to lead the Enlightened down the right path today?

Meanwhile, the Glyph expert, Stein Lightman, still recovering from his recent recursion, was back in actiontesting out a new feature of the Glyph Command Channel in the Scanner and advising Jahan about a mysterious codex that she hopes to use to take over the Obsidian Shield on April 2 (deploying it in order to block the Shapers instead of the N'zeer).

He's now confirmed that her plan could work, but like Hank Johnson, he's worried. Agents, what do you know about Lightman, his work on the Glyph Command Channel and his affiliation with Jahan? If you're new to the investigation, I have some info about him here... and there's more about him in Tycho's Ingress: Origins graphic novel and elsewhere.

Turning back to the thread of ancient history, another letterwas unearthed this week... a reply from Obsidius's friend, Marcus. You may recall that Obsidius had written at least two letters to Marcus (which you can read here and here), in which the exploratore expressed doubts about his mission. Marcus's reply confirms those fears were well founded, pointing to a conspiracy that ran deep in the shadows of the Roman Empire.

Just yesterday, another clue emerged; and my intel suggests this one may have come from Jahan. The clue led Agents to a series of towers located in Hong Kong, Vienna and Orlando where they found additional intel about the Obsidian Flash Shard battles.

Let's dwell on this for a second. I find it curious that the Acolyte's message emerged from domes, while this intel (presumably from Jahan) was located at towers. Why? Both types of structures have meaning and history... one, a place of stability, a holy place, a sanctum. The other, a statement of ambition... reach... power. I suspect there's a deeper mystery here, and it's one I intend to dig deeper into. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

With April 2 fast approaching, we need to get to the bottom of what really happened to Obsidius and the Obsidian Shield two thousand years ago. Somewhere trapped in the past is the wisdom we need to guide the information and power being channeled today. Both Jahan and the Acolyte would do well to show that they have been asking the right questions about the past as they lay plans for the future. From what I've seen, Enlightened and Resistance Agents alike demand and deserve answers.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the most recentIngress Report, and keep an eye on the Question of the Day as you continue your investigation.

We've been gathering whispers, chasing down clues and collecting scraps of information that form something bigger... a symphony or a cacophony? Or a warning bell? Which voices will you be listening to? Whose voice can you trust?

I'm keeping my head down, but my ears are open. I suggest you do the same.