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2015/04/20 23:17:26








Edgar Allan Wright
2015/04/20 23:17:26
Having received a number of messages about my past and seeming unwillingness to discuss it.

I must be honest with you.  My intention is not to conceal information, but to avoid giving out wrong information. The fact is that I am not quite sure what my past is.  It is my believe that I was under attack.

I know not whether it was Shaper or N'zeer or something else.  I only know that synapses were scrambled.  I confuse real events with events I imagined. It is as if I have several conflicting 'saves' in my brain of events, but they are accessed randomly.

I don't know whether the memories are real or things I had imagined.  No exactly delusions, but think of it this way.  You are preparing for an important event. You imagine different things that might happen. Those imaginings are embedded just like real memories.  

Your brain, when not hacked, remembers real from not real, though many believe that our brains tend to insert 'narrative' over random events. This is probably a means of filing and maintaining what we call sanity.  Imagine your brain starts misfiling things.  

Another example.  You hear a rumor about somebody, or even a speculation on what they have done.  Your mind naturally simulates it.  If you think about it enough, that simulation becomes very much like a memory. Imagine if you lost the barrier between what you had imagined and what really happened.  

My real quest has been to regain my own truth. So in a very real sense, like +H. Richard Loeb, I am a truthseeker, but I am seeking my own truth.  However, in order to gain that truth, I have to create an objective, or at least shared reality and attempt to extract the truth from that.  Hence, I tell you little about myself and my past because I am not sure exactly, who I am and what I have done.

I hope that serves as some explanation. 


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