hank.jpgハンク・ジョンソン(Hank Johnson)
2015/04/10 14:57:57






Hank Johnson
The manager of the hotel in Rome was more interested in who was going to settle+Martin Schubert's bill than he was in the whereabouts of his delinquent guest. Fortunately, I had some walking around money from Ilya (+Visur Technology has expressed interested in funding the development of future NOMAD episodes), so I paid the bill in exchange for the key. 

The room still reeked of cigars and cerebral intrigue. It was a still life. Several sheets of paper scrawled and doodled upon that reminded me of an artless take on +Carrie Campbell's Voynich-like pages. A computer open to a dead Hangout with +Stein Lightman and +Yuri Alaric Nagassa, both also absent. A couple of old books in German, what I would guess was a Slavic language and a middle eastern script I couldn't identify.

From what I could decipher of his extremely cryptic scribblings, he was answering some academic question Nagassa had put to him and Lightman was probably helping with the translation and contextualization.  Of course, I didn't have much time to read thanks to the hunger with which various corporations and intel agencies are trying to obtain these troves of knowledge.  

A disembodied voice interrupted me. It was coming from a device hidden underneath the desk. 2 way radio. Whoever was using it couldn't have been that far. I was told, calmly, that I was going to assist them by interpreting some of Schubert's paper lying on the desk. If I chose not to help, there would be consequences. I'm not sure who this person was... +Hulong Transglobal? NIA? Lorazon and +IQTech Research?  Or some other entity...  

I told the disembodied voice what I knew.  It said it had analyzed me for voice stress and told me to leave the paper in place and leave, probably in case someone more informed than me decided to pay a visit in the future. I left the electronic 'catch and release' trap unharmed. There wasn't much margin for them in killing me, and, well... as for me, I have my own problems to deal with. Besides, it would've messed up the 'in situ' of Schubert's room.