2015/04/08 13:35:03






Hank Johnson
2015/04/08 13:35:03
As I know it will come out sooner or later anyway, because, after all, there are few secrets left in this world, I was greeted by Claudia Glas as I exited the apartment which I believed was staged to look like Lynton-Wolfe was there. She told me that it was good to meet me in person since she had only seen me through the scope of her 700. I told her I appreciated her not pulling the trigger. She said she had fired once and missed. I don't know whether she was telling the truth or it was her sense of irony. I doubt she misses.

Unusual person and not in an entirely bad way. Claudia has that feeling about her that she knows any day might be her last, so she wants to get everything out of it that she can. It wasn't a social call. She said her boss wanted to talk to me. No big surprise. I wanted a meeting with Ilya, and I knew the best way to get one was to make him think that he was hijacking me. Weird megalomaniacal types work that way. There's nothing in it for him in killing me, and probably a lot of problems, so I felt safe going into it.

We had an interesting discussion. I told him I'd keep it confidential and I'm honoring that. Ten to one either +Hulong Transglobal, the NIA or +IQTech Research has a transcript and will release it. As I said, there are few secrets left in this world.

One thing I can say is that Ilya has no better idea of the whereabouts of +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe than I do. My guess? His essence is somewhere in the Portal Network, and his body? No idea.

I hitched a ride with Claudia to a destination I'll disclose later where we were greeted by some unpleasant corporate types determined to make it her last day. It wasn't. I sense that's the normal rhythm of her life. I've lived that way, not keen to going back to it. We parted company. There's a lot I have to learn before #Persepolis.