hank.jpgハンク・ジョンソン(Hank Johnson)
2014/12/10 15:53


世界的な根絶や消滅が起きたのか明らかではないが、そのようなことが実際に起きたとは想像することさえできない。どのようにして世界から知識や営みが消し去られたというのだろうか。そのことを検討するときには、遺跡の損壊状況や古代文明の想像を絶する質量規模の破壊を描いた文学作品、華氏451(Fahrenheit 451)を想像する。言われているように、古代文明では現代のような芸術や文学は普及していなかった。そのようなものは権力下にしか存在せず、そうすることは容易いことであった。





Hank Johnson
2014/12/10 15:53
Combing through documents, I've discovered some curious things.

It seems sometime in the distant past the N'zeer were defeated and nearly all trace of them was blotted from human history and culture.

It isn't clear to me if it was a simultaneous global eradication or extinguishment, but I cannot begin to imagine how that would be accomplished: How is an idea or energy removed from the world? When I contemplate it, I summon images of the defacement of monuments and a Fahrenheit 451 type destruction of literature on a mass scale almost unimaginable in the ancient world.  That having been said, the ancient world did not have the proliferation of art and literature that we are used to. Such things were contained to specific places of power. So perhaps it was easier. 
I see scant evidence of armed conflict. Rather, I see evidence of what I would almost call spiritual warfare.  Though, I cannot rule out the possibility that this larger trans-dimensional war was the underlying cause of Earthly conflicts.

I wish I could share more. It is absolutely fascinating. But for now I can tell you this much. As with the Shapers, there is no clear visual depiction of the N'zeer, though there are depictions of various forms of monstrous human beings and other images that defy the normal, sometimes they are terrifying. I do not get the impression that the ancient chroniclers believed that these creatures roamed our plane, moreover I believe that they were their hallucinations of the Julian Jaynes variety which interrupted the thought stream and entered our culture through memory. But I must be aware that my own cultural bias would probably prevent me from considering the alternative.

Surely were there such bizarre creatures walking the earth we would have archaeological trace of them--unless of course those traces were  eradicated by the same people who redacted the historical and literary traces of the N'zeer.  But I will leave you with one other thought.

Perhaps the shell of our universe is more porous than we think.