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── H.リチャード・ローブ(P.A.シャポー)


Niantic Project
2013/08/07 10:34:40


As you know, I am an Investigator and prefer to remain out of the spotlight. I have for a long time sought to direct attention to the activities of the NIA and others who have put the public, perhaps even all of humankind, at risk with their ill-advised and exceedingly dangerous XM research.

But today, I am emerging from the shadows and from behind the investigator board to speak to all of you. If you are not already aware of the leaked material around what has become known as "Operation #Cassandra ," I urge you to read it. Nothing of this scale and scope has happened before.

IQTech, the NIA, and perhaps even Roland Jarvis, or whatever remains of him, have become emboldened by the global race for XM and the spread of the Scanner technology. They plan to launch an attack on economic, political and cultural nerve centers of the world --

New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Milan, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Manila.

I suspect, but can not presently prove, that this is a an operation inspired by the Shapers and led by the Enlightened. It has no redeeming moral purpose. Their goal is to saturate global leaders with XM. I don't want to sound like a nut case, but I think they intend to attempt to shape them, to turn them to the cause of the Shapers and the Enlightened using XM fields.

This is a struggle between good and evil. If you value our right to choose our own destiny as a species, the right to remain free from unwanted outside influence, our ability to preserve our way of life for our children and our children's children, then join me.

Align with the Resistance faction, and recruit actively to build our strength. I know that unsavory characters have been associated with the resistance in the past. I have no love for the NIA. But we have no choice. We must stand united to stop this insidious plot. Organize. Join the Resistance planning groups. Make your way to the front line. Join me and rise up together to defend our future.

-+H. Richard Loeb (aka P.A. Chapeau)