nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2018/10/26 06:01:40




November Lima
2018/10/26 06:01:40
We look forward to seeing everyone at our last few upcoming events. For American agents this is the last chance you will get for the NL-1331X tiered badge until mid to late next year! We look forward to many Visits in Asia/Oceania including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand to start the new year with more to be announced later!

MD+ events

10-27-2018 Olathe, Kansas

10-28-2018 St Louis, MO

11-3-2018 Nashville, TN

11-4-2018 Fayetteville, AR

11-10-2018 Shreveport, LA

NL-1331 Standalone events

10-30-2018 Dayton, Ohio

11-7-2018 Oklahoma City