nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2017/11/09 05:51:25

  • 2017年11月27日|シアトル(ワシントン州)
  • 2017年11月29日|ボイシ(アイダホ州)
  • 2017年11月30日|リノ(ネバダ州)


November Lima
2017/11/09 05:51:25
Agents we will be doing our last trip of the year leading up to the final #Exo5 primary in San Francisco. We have a lot of swag to clear out for the year so expect these events to include a large amount of giveaways and free swag! The following will be our last stops for the year.

11-27-2017 Seattle, Washington
11-29-2017 Boise, Idaho
11-30-2017 Reno, Nevada

Stay tuned for swag giveaway details