nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2017/08/28 13:45:22

  • ロンゲスト・リンク(2015年版NL-1331メダル)
  • リチャージ(2017年版コダマスマイルズ・メダル)
  • MODインストール(2017年版NL-1331A・メダル)
  • レゾネーター・デプロイ(2015年版織オリバー・リントン=ウルフ・メダル)



November Lima
2017/08/28 13:45:22
We are happy to announce the stat and badge competition for the upcoming Europe trip. The following stats are weekly and anyone attending the event can participate. Agents however can only win once per event.

Longest link - 2015 NL-1331
XM recharged - 2017 Kodama Smiles
Mods deployed - 2017 NL-1331A
Resonators deployed - 2016 NL-1331E
Resonators destroyed - 2015 Oliver Lynton Wolfe (Original OLW).

Bonus swag give away - random stat chosen onsite (weekly stat) a complete set of original character bio cards.

Stat competition will happen at every event except anomalies