nl1331.pngノーベンバー・リマ(November Lima)
2017/08/20 15:49:08

November Lima
2017/08/20 15:49:08
Here is the complete list of cities and RSVP links for the NL-1331 Europe tour! We will be announcing competition details this coming week!

5 Sept Tuesday Hamburg Germany
7 Sept Thursday Hannover Germany
9 Sept saturday Dusseldorf Germany
11 Sept Monday Frankfurt Germany
12 Sept tuesday Munich Germany
14 Sept Thursday Leipzig Germany
16 sept saturday Copenhagen Denmark
18 Sept Monday Gothenburg Sweden
19 Sept Tuesday Oslo Norway
23 Sept Saturday Stockholm Sweden
26 Sept Tuesday Helsinki Finland
27 Sept wednesday Tallinn Estonia
29 Sept friday Riga Latvia
1 Oct Sunday Vilnius Lithuania
3 Oct tuesday Warsaw Poland
5 Oct Thursday Prague Czech Rep
8 Oct Sunday Bratislava Slovakia
10 Oct tuesday Bologna Italy
12 Oct Thursday Lyon France
14 Oct Saturday Paris France
16 Oct Monday Leeds England
18 Oct Wednesday Edinburgh Scotland
20 Oct friday Belfast Northern Ireland
22 Oct Sunday Dublin Ireland
24 Oct Tuesday Glasgow Scotland
26 Oct Thursday London England
28 Oct Saturday Antwerp Belgium
30 Oct Monday The Hague The Netherlands
1 Nov Wednesday Amsterdam The Netherlands
4 Nov Saturday Berlin Germany