SCOOP トレイル 2017 x イングレスレース

2017/02/18 11:00
シンガポール・エージェントの皆さん、2週間後に迫る3月11日にSCOOP トレイル 2017 x イングレスレースが開催されることをお忘れなく。このイベントの趣旨は簡単に楽しみながら若者たちの地域共同組合に関する意識を高めることにあります。




2017/02/18 11:00
Agents in Singapore - don't forget that in about two weeks the SCOOP Trail 2017 x INGRESS Race will be held on March 11th. The purpose of this event is to build awareness amongst youths about local co-operatives in an easy and fun way.

Using hints and in-game navigation, participants have to find their way to their respective checkpoints to complete the missions. Each mission will end at a game booth where the participants have to complete a set of questions in order to proceed with the next mission.

To find out more about this event and register go to: