photo.jpgヴェルム・インヴェニリ(Verum Inveniri)
2016/11/10 13:40:30
vi:// プロコトルは未だ多くのブラウザでサポートされていないが、実在しているよ。

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「413 Via Noir」とあった。いったいどういう意味だったのだろうか。住所だったのだろうか。何度か考え巡らしてみた。その意味をじわじわと感じ取っていったが、それは信じがたいものだった。プライベート・アナライザーとしての経験でも1度か2度しかなかったことだし、思い出せる限りでは最後に経験したのも4年以上前のことだった。


Verum Inveniri
2016/11/10 13:40:30
For part 6: Give these numbers a once over.
For part 3: Our sources can confirm that Agents have been slow to act on an encoding that requires a quick response. The vi:// protocol isn't supported by many browsers yet, but is still real to us.

#Ingress #ViaNoir


This Jordan fellow noticed that I had wriggled my wrist into my back pocket, and was not amused. He snatched the paper from my partially free hand and shouted, "DON'T LIE TO ME, CASQUETTE!"

"What are you so upset about?" I asked innocently, stiffening my arm again.

"I know full well that is NOT the message that was on that paper!" he yelled.

Waving the note in front of my face, he motioned to one of his goons to tighten the cuffs. Maybe going for the fake wasn't the best decision.

"Oh, so does that mean you put the message there in the first place?" I casually asked, knowing that my situation couldn't get moch worse.

He paused for a moment, seeming to try to decide how to answer that question. "Take him to the holding area," he said to someone behind me. I guess he decided not to answer it at all.

So, I was hauled, chair and all, away from the table and down a hall. As I was being relocated, I noted a wall placard by one of the doors.

413 Via Noir. What on earth could that mean? Was it an address? I noted it down in my memory, and then turned it over a couple more times. I felt in my gut what it could mean, and it was nearly unbelievable to me. I had only seen something like this in my time as a Private Analyzer once or twice, and the last time I could remember was over four years ago.