photo.jpgヴェルム・インヴェニリ(Verum Inveniri)
2016/11/10 08:46:48

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Verum Inveniri
2016/11/10 08:46:48
#VINoir, part 6.

For part 5, dots and dashes reveal lines and stripes.

#Ingress #ViaNoir


I was thrown into a hard, metal chair, my hands cuffed to the slats of the back. I felt the rough bag quickly pulled off my head and immediately closed my eyes to block out the harsh interrogation light focused on my face.

"Mr ... Casquette, I believe? A self-styled 'Private Analyzer,' as already know you've been talking with Ms. Brownston. The question now is simply how much you know, and how much pain you're willing to endure before you admit it." Not the friendliest greeting I'd ever had, but not the worst either.

"You have me at a disadvantage. In several ways, I might note," I said, tugging futilely at the handcuffs. "If you're expecting me to have much information, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed." I continued.

"I suppose at this point, it does me no harm for you to know a little more information. You may refer to me as Mr. Jordan. And if you want to ever tell that to anyone else, I suggest you share anything you know about Ms. Brownston right now," he threatened.

I wanted to laugh, but I knew how painful laughing could be, especially when surrounded by a bunch of goons who seemed to just be itching for a fight. So, I shrugged my shoulders and told him mostly truthfully, "There's not much to tell. She just showed up in my office this evening asking for help finding a friend, and gave me a piece of paper with a strange mix of numbers and mathematical symbols."

I held up a decoy. Looks like "just in case" happened after all.