photo.jpgヴェルム・インヴェニリ(Verum Inveniri)
2016/11/07 22:00:56

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Verum Inveniri
2016/11/07 22:00:56
VINoir Part 3. Legends say that Sting glows blue when futh-orcs are near.

#Ingress #ViaNoir #ᛋᛏᛁᛝ

Now that I had two pieces of information, some rusty connections were beginning to form from long-past memories. I grabbed a cab to head toward the library to do some research. As I slid into the back seat and put my umbrella away, the cabbie called back to me. "Where to?"

Dripping on the seat, I answered, "Central Library, please."

"You got it. Need a big book for company on such an awful night?" he asked.

"Trying to help out a friend," I replied blandly, hoping the conversation could end there.

"Best help I can think of is staying out of this miserable weather. I'd say you couldn't pay me to drive in this storm, but I suppose that's just what you're doing. What sort of help are you looking for, anyway?" he continued.

"You've got a lot of questions for a driver," I snapped, irritated at him, Jacket still dripping, I glanced at the medallion sheet. My driver was apparently known just as Brahe, license number 8K9-99V. "How about we just get there fast?"

"Fine, fine," he said. "Strictly business. You got it. We'll be there soon."

Finally. A chance to start thinking this over without interruption.

Until I saw the headights coming from the side. It seems thinking is highly overrated.