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Yik Sheng Lee
2016/10/17 03:05:43


- @yeizii :メキシコシティ(メキシコ)
- @nifffer :モントリオール(カナダ)
- @Gannes :スラバヤ(インドネシア)
- @Cricetina, @Degaden :キール(ドイツ)
- @Shaahin :マドリード(スペイン)
- @aharmlessbunny :パース(オーストラリア)
- @matsuoki, @tsgmt, @RHYMEmint :姫路(日本)
- @JackFlorey, @anarchyrose :ロサンゼルス(カリフォルニア州)
- @Th3Revenant :ビッグサー(カリフォルニア州)
- @vjnwarp, @FifteenStar, @EvieMillie :マニラ(フィリピン)
- @TheGameofTrolls :パターソン(ニュージャージー州)
- @Peanutsmom :ナッシュビル(テネシー州)
- @x4ndz :サンパウロ(ブラジル)
- @NAVI105 パラグアリ(パラグアイ)



















Yik Sheng Lee
2016/10/17 03:05:43
Finding Susanna Moyer

Concerned for the safety and the fate of +Susanna Moyer, a group of Enlightened agents connected globally in an effort to retrieve pieces of +Felicia Hajra-Lee's writing at the portals posted by +H. Richard Loeb​.

Credit goes to the following agents:
- @yeizii at Mexico City, Mexico
- @nifffer at Montreal, Canada
- @Gannes at Surabaya, Indonesia
- @Cricetina, @Degaden at Kiel, Germany
- @Shaahin at Madrid, Spain
- @aharmlessbunny at Perth, Australia
- @ at Himeji, Japan
- @JackFlorey, @anarchyrose at Los Angeles, USA
- @Th3Revenant at Big Sur, California, USA
- @vjnwarp, @FifteenStar, @EvieMillie at Manila, Philippines
- @TheGameofTrolls at Paterson, USA (New Jersey)
- @Peanutsmom at Nashville, USA
- @x4ndz at Sao Paulo, Brasil
- @NAVI105 at Paraguarí, Paraguay

There are still many questions unanswered even though we have two pieces of Felicia's writing.

But one thing is certain, the people responsible for Nigel's death, i.e. Jahan, Smith and the Anti-Magnus; the people with vested interest to activate the Aegis Nova, i.e. +A Detection Algorithm, +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Jahan; and the people who raided the Acolyte's compound under ADA's orders, i.e. NIA, etc. are after Nigel's password for his vaults. And they are willing to kill Susanna for it just as they did Nigel.

The cryptic warning that they would come after Nigel and then Susanna is now a reality.

And if my earlier speculation that the activation of ADA at the die Glocke chamber (described by the writer of the Howcraft Manuscript) is connected to Susanna, then her fate is grim.

It could mean that Nigel's password has been forcefully taken away from Susanna. She is no longer of use and can be disposed of. The darkest possibility is that she might be used as the avatar for theTechcthulhu.

We need to recover the next piece of Susanna's Vision as soon as possible.

+Edgar Allan Wright+flint dille+John Hanke #investigateingress#vianoir


The Uber dropped her at the Edge of Highway 1 not far from a swirly mural of the Angel of Big Sur. She gazed for a moment and began walking dwon the road, ocean to her right, forest to her left. Johnson had assured her that the Acolyte was willing, indeed enthusiastic, to meet with her.

Half an hour later, she arrived at what she believed to be the compound. In the distance she saw some weathered cabins. But she waited on the road as she was told to do. She took a deep breath and filled herself with the spindrift and pine scent. She closed her eyes for a moment to reset. "Be here now, Susanna..." she thought to herself. She was in one of the most beautiful, mystical and indeed mysterious places in the world. Gurus, artists and poets had been drawn to this place for decades. Before then, the shamans probably made pilgrimages to this place.

Not all places are created equal.

She had a moment of doubt. She could disappear. She had false passports and enough money to keep herself going for some time. They would stop looking for her eventually, wouldn't they?

They would stop looking if she divulged the password, her father, Nigel Moyer had whispered to her just before his death. She could just throw it out there to everybody. Then there would be no point in killing her. Or would there?

It'd be wise to go off the grid for a while. Find a lost beach or hide in plain sight. Truth is, a cabin in the woods near here would almost work. She knew to stay away from Portals and stay off the infogrid -- no phones, no cameras, wear a hat and sunglasses, mask her silhouette, put something in her shoes to hide her gait. They wouldn't look that hard or for that long. Or would they? If ADA or Omnivore were looking for her, they would never stop. That's the problem with A.I. It never stops. It never goes over budget. It never has to re-assign assets. A.I. doesn't retire.

But ADA was supposed to be offline, she thought. "Supposed to " being the operating phase. And Omnivore was working just fine.

"Let's get you to safety" a voice said. It startled her, but she didn't jump. It was okay. The voice was soft and soothing. She turned and there, standing by the side of the road, was the Acolyte. "Come on..."

"I didn't see you coming..."

"You couldn't have, anyway. We were in defferent times."

"You're from the future?"

"Right now, we're in the past. Kind of the paradox if you think about it."