nianticglowsナイアンティック計画(Niantic Project)
2015/11/11 15:55:36







アズマティの叔父の遺体も確かめてみたよ。彼はシミュラクラだった。延々と再帰を繰り返しているのだ、また再帰するに違いない。 *#%#&(% $*%^*^^^(^**( *#^(*@*)%^ ***!&&%@ 彼の周期がいつ終わり、蘇ることになるのかはわからない。現時点では、私がこれら力ある品々を引き継いでいるわけだ。

次元を超える鍵(どのようなものかは推察できることだろう)と思しきプライム・アーティファクトを用いれば、その力を借りてネストへ入りこむことが可能であるということに気づいた。以前まではシミュラクラのみが辿り着けるものと考えていた地だ。 ##^&^(&!&#$%*$&^^&&$&^*(*&&&*(&%*#^*&**%& )^^*(& **^&** *@^^&&*@*&*)


プライム・アーティファクトの隠し場所は今のところ安全だが、移送しなければなるまい。ア...%^&)* %()%%*@&(^^() **&^&# &%^&@& @%$*^ の如き危険性は付きまとうものだ。





Niantic Project
2015/11/11 15:55:36
A monitoring system implanted by +IQTech Research captures a fragment of a lost journal entry made by +Hank Johnson.

It's unclear why Hank would delete this, rather than sharing it as he does with so many of his other thoughts.


Ilya, Ni,

We obtained this draft of a note via a monitoring system on one of Hank's computers. There is some noise in the signal but not enough to interfere. He was working on this post for some time, then suddenly deleted it. Unclear why. See below.


I tested myself again with one of the Azmati clan's Prime XM Objects. This one was an ornate dagger like the one Azmati tested me with in the Antique Shop. Of course, neither of those objects is realy a dagger. They are pieces of Shaper Technology, or maybe N'zeer. I don't know.

This knife was among the things I salvaged from Azmati's uncle's collection after he was slain by the unknown assassins. The blade pierced my skin, and I saw the dark red proof that I am truly human. I don't know why I felt the need to perform the test again. Paranoia, maybe.

I tested Azmati's uncle's body. He was Simulacram. Endlessly recursing and set to recurse again, I suppose. *#%#&(% $*%^*^^^(^**( *#^(*@*)%^ ***!&&%@ It is not clear to me when his cycle will end and he will return to life. For now, I am the custodian of these powerful objects.

With the use of a Prime Artifact that appears to be a transdimentional key (and you can guess what it looked like) , I discovered that it is possible with the aid of such things to enter Nest areas that I previously believed could only be accessed by Simulacra. ##^&^(&!&#$%*$&^^&&$&^*(*&&&*(&%*#^*&**%& )^^*(& **^&** *@^^&&*@*&*)

I do not know whethre I could enter were I not 13MAGNUS. That is not clear. I tried to get Farlowe to follow, but he has a revulsion for such places. Probably has since Zagreb.

The Prime Artifacts are in a safe place for now, but I will have to move them. Nothing is safe from the likes of Am..%^&)* %()%%*@&(^^() **&^&# &%^&@& @%$*^

I have to leave here soon. Can't state my immediate destination.



Make of it what you will.