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INGRESS REPORT - Resistance Capture #Shonin - Raw Feed Apr 03 2015

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2015/04/04 07:14:24
+Susanna Moyer reports on the Shōnin Finale from Pasadena. Over 20,000 Agents on the ground supported by countless more in operarations around the globe worked to shape the destiny of mankind in the largest XM Anomaly in Ingress History.

The Resistance combined well planned Shard Operations with unyielding persistence during the Anomalies to capture Shōnin, bringing humanity one step closer to the N'zeer and claiming the allegiance of the powerful and brilliant Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich.

In Pasadena, P. A. Chapeau aka +H. Richard Loeb vowed to help separate +Klue S. from +A Detection Algorithm, perhaps to make amends for his own role in that series of events, and from Hanover, +Hank Johnson promised that the Enlightened shall continue their struggle to save humanity from the N'zeer. He intends to pursue the Anti-Magnus leader Jahan to the ancient site of Persepolis and confront her.

Join Agents from around the world as they share their stories, discover new and inspiring places around them share their enthusiasm and passion with others in this special #IngressReport look at the worldwide Shōnin Anomaly Finale.


Resistance Capture #Shonin
Raw Feew Apr 03 2015

Hello, Agents. I'm Susanna Moyer, and this is the Ingress Report.

I'm reporting from Pasadena, the site of the Shonin Finale. Across the globe, more than 20,000 Agents took part in the Shonin Anomalies, and countless others helped with this massive struggle, contributing from their Ragional Cells, or shepherding the Devra Shards on their month-long journey across the globe.

The stakes of Shonin are high. On on front, Jahan, the biotech researcher and renaissance fueled by knowledge of the N'zeer, On the Other, of years of effort by the secret group known as 13MAGNUS has kept the N'zeer at bay, according to them, protecting humanity from the N'zeer's toxic influence. In the middle of these two colliding forces atood Devra Bogdanovich, for whom the stakes were much more personal.

After being scattered into XM shards around the world, we learned that Agents could reshape her destiny by controlling the Shonin Anomalies and Shards.

Thousands of Agents took part in the global struggle to transport the Devra Shards through the Portal Network.

Over the last month, the Devra Shards touched every continent except Antarctica, and travelled over 300,000 kilometers, a truly remarkable distance, nealy the equivalent of eight times around the Earth.

As the day is drawing to a close, crypctic messages from Devra Bogdanovich have started appearing within the Ingress Scanner and at the Cross Faction Meetup in Pasadena.

The last message emerged just as we were beginning to learn the outcome of the Anomalies.

Today's overwhelming Resistance victory was a reminder of their prowess as an organized and cohesive global force. It marks another blow against the millennia-long campaign orchestrated by 13MAGNUS to deny humanity the knowledge of the N'zeer, and it marks the beginning of a new strategic relationship between Bogdanovich and the Resistance.

P.A. Chapeau was on the ground in Pasadena. He told me that by using knowledge about Truthseeker, he intends to completely free Klue from ADA.

P.A. hi. Can I ask you a couple questions? Can I ask what brings you here?

P.A. Chapeau:
I think you probably know what brings me here, I'm here to seek the truth as I always do. Right now, I'd really to finish something that I started.

Based on the messages from Devra, it appears that now she's become one with the very thing she previously thought of as toxic: Exotic Matter.

In this new form, the Resistance have gained a powerful ally. How will she shape their future?

In the wake of the Enlightened loss, Hank Johnson shared a frustrated and worried message on G+. He had been in Hanover, reportedly attempting to learn more about what happened to Dr. Lynton-Wolfe after the Shonin Stone ritual went awry. In his message, he promised that he would continue to pursue Jahan and further the Enlightened cause, saying that he was returning to Persepolis to fiinish what he started.

No information has emerged as to the fate of the other Niantic Investigators who disappeared after the failed Shonin ritual.

The sun now sets on Shonin, but the struggle between 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus, Enlightened and the Resistance, and the Shapers and the N'zeer continues.

For the Ingress Report, I'm Susanna Moyer.

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#IngressReport : The Resistance capture #Shonin , the largest XM Anomaly in Ingress history.

Shōnin reaches its apex. +Susanna Moyer reports in from Pasadena on the largest XM Anomaly ever. Over 20,000 Agents on the ground, supported by countless others made this one for the history books.

The Resistance leverage powerful Shard Operations and tireless efforts on the ground to take the Shōnin series, continuing the struggle to tear down the barriers blocking the N'zeer and capturing the allegiance of the powerful Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich.

In Pasadena, P. A. Chapeau (aka +H. Richard Loeb) vows to separate +Klue S. and ADA (+A Detection Algorithm) , undoing what he himself may have caused. In Hanover, +Hank Johnson promises to pursue Jahan to Persepolis in order to continue the Enlightened struggle against the N'zeer.

See the sights and hear the incredible stories of Agents from around the world in this look back at the #Shonin Anomalies and the Agents who made it all happen.