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2015/03/26 02:35:57







Hank Johnson
2015/03/26 02:35:57
Still in the hidden world that exists in the tendrils that connect pockets of humans in habitation together.  I've been on the road with World Aid nurses, smugglers, farmers and missionaries.  Fascinating people.  They go to hellholes and death is always one bad incident away, but you get the feeling there is nowhere else they would rather be.  Maybe it's their own transdimensional journey.  More than one of them showed signs of being sensitives.  Sensitives tend to be poets and explorers.  

Still sorting things out.  It is as if I am re-weaving my mental tapestry. If memory serves, it was Boyd who first used that phrase (hopefully I haven't mis-attributed the reference) but that's what we are -- mental tapestries.  Networks of experiences, associations, what we remember, what we forget, what pops up in our mental theaters without bidding.  I once spent some time with some mystics who thought dreams were real and reality was a dream. 

I believe in reality, and am sorting through it now.  Shared perception of reality is how we gauge sanity. I am choosing, rightly or wrongly, to be sane.
The last few weeks have been defined by objects floating in the air. The fine talc dust of Afghanistan, the harsh sand of the desert regions, the scented woodsmoke of the villages, flakes of snow in a mountain passes and now it is tropical spindrift.  All around me is a pocket of green -- as if the South Seas had been transported a world away.

Tonight is the end of the road.  I made it to the coast through a strip of no man's land in Western Pakistan.  One of my SOF buddies lent me his bug-out bag with some cash in it.  Using that to buy passage on a little fishing boat (they call them 'dhows') across the gulf.  Just hope this guy isn't working for the wrong folks.

Once I get across, I'm going to have a difficult conversation.  I am meeting with Azmati's uncle, though I don't know whether he is a blood uncle or it is a term of familiarity.  He deserves an account of Azmati's death and I'm hoping he can shed light on unsorted things.