hank.jpgハンク・ジョンソン(Hank Johnson)
2014/12/08 17:15







ハワード・フィリップス・ラヴクラフト(Howard Phillips Lovecraft)と思われる。コズミック・ホラーと呼ばれるSF的なホラー小説で有名。
ロバート・アーヴィン・ハワード(Robert Ervin Howard)と思われる。怪奇幻想小説とアクションヒーローものを融合したヒロイック・ファンタジーの生みの親。

Hank Johnson
2014/12/08 17:15
Ever since I was a grad student and Zeke Calvin sent me on a quest for 13MAGNUS, I have felt the shadow... The negative space... The void... Pick your analogy.

For a long time now, a question has been brewing in my mind:  What is it that the Shapers have been struggling against? It is only recently that I have learned the name of the antagonists - the N'zeer.  

I have felt their cold, dark presence at times - in the Congo...  Near San Saba... When I have been in the presence of Dark XM.  It is a powerful substance. I wouldn't quite call it evil, because I realize that I come to it from my own biases and I am a scientist, but it is definitely a cold, emotionally hollow, perhaps oppressive presence... a presence that fights with all I know of positive advancement, beauty, optimism...  

I knew there was an ancient struggle, and I saw its shadows. The story of Isis and Osiris, the dark secret societies... The chaotic monsters unleashed, perhaps unwittingly by the Diodati Epiphany and at times by Lovecraft and Howard, though I do not think they intended to do so...  The abominations.

I knew that nearly every trace of the N'zeer had been struck from history, but nothing can ever be fully eradicated. It can be written over, drown out, hidden in the shadows...  Hidden behind codes, stories and perhaps glyphs..... But it can not be eradicated.

Now, for the first time, I believe I have beheld ancient depictions of the struggle between the Shapers and the N'zeer  I dare not release them. Not now.  I must study them.  They are in Jahan's library, kept by her family for centuries, maybe millennia. Texts. Artworks. Carvings. The N'zeer were vanquished once. It can be done again. I must learn how.