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2014/11/11 17:37:13








Niantic Project
2014/11/11 17:37:13
This is a tough one. It came out of nowhere, and the clues within it are sparse.

Who is the sender? Who is the recipient? I have been unable to make the connection. I hope one of you can see what I'm missing...



I will not affix my name to this document, but I am quite certain you will know who this  is form.

It was highly counter-intuitive of you to encourage the proliferation of the Niantic Scanner in the form of a commercial game product. At the time, I think it was clear that I doubted your intentions. After all, we were trying to suppress the entities code-named Shapers, not encourage integration. What appears to be unfolding now, however, has me revisiting the past. The proliferation of Exotic Matter has set in motion a chain of events that will re-engage the ***** and thus, force the Shapers and those who support them to fight for their very existence. I'll admit, I didn't see the coming. But then, in physics as in warfare, everything begets its opposite.

If this was your long play, hats off to you. Forgive me for taking actions that appeared to be -- in fact were -- adversarial to your operations. I've come around, and I would very much like to mend fences and join endeavours once again. As you know, I have capabilities that might be useful to the effort, as do you.

In passing, I have to warn you that it appears that Hank Johnson might be coming very close to realizing much of this. I assume you have a plan for addressing this eventuality. Likewise, I have to raise the question of whether Devra is of any further value to us. She may be more of a liability than a asset. While we no longer need her in the picture, it's possible that her Vaccine might have potential use in the future. Not to mention, if we were able to acquire the antiserum, we could ensure that it stays out of the hands of those who oppose us.
As you know, the advent of the ***** will come with a dramatic acceleration in the production of********** we must have plans for dealing with this. We must expect much more volatility. We do not want the egg to crack in its nest.

I will simply state, as you've undoubtedly already surmised, I am in need of urgent assistance. You can guess the matter I'm referring to, I'm sure. I look forward to your response and to a more copacetic alliance.

Yours Truly,